11 12 / 2012

Graceland was great! Honestly, there is no way it could have ever lived up to my memories, and I felt like they left out some of the lovely, bittersweet things that I loved last time. But I ate a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich (too greasy) and listened to a lot of music. Here are some pictures for you!

1. Graceland!

2. Look at this awesome wallpaper! If you can’t see, those are adorable poodles. It reminded me of you. 

3. Elvis loved Christmas! These are, apparently, original decorations. 

4. This is the basement, and it is awesome. There are three TVs on the wall because Elvis heard that some news anchor watched 3 TVs at once. It is so gaudy and wonderful and I would totally replicate it in my own basement. The lightening on the wall is the “flash” in the “TBC (Takin’ Care of Business) in a Flash” logo he designed (a man after my own heart).

5. Cool guitar!

6. Fan art. This seemed really important to me and absolutely no one else.


8. We walked outside and, whatta ya know, there are horses. This lady told us all about them and and name-dropped Pricilla like it was her job. 

9. Memorial for Elvis’ dead twin. There could have been two Elvises! Also, there was a tourist video for Tulupa, where Elvis was born, and they made the point that maybe Elvis sounded so different because he was singing to his still-born brother. I mean, probably. 

10. Pink Cadillac! 

So there you go! It’s like you were with us. XXOO

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